04 Oct

Barnes and Noble Hologram Kit Release and Social Media Contest

BN_InStoresThis week has been exciting, with the first sightings of our Hologram Kits in Barnes & Noble stores! The picture above is from Charlottesville, VA (thanks Lexi!), but you should be able to find it at a local B&N near you. They are stocked on a stand-alone section called “Trending Tech Tools” in your local B&N. They are usually near the magazines, but may also be near the cash registers.

As part of the fun, we want to see your pictures of Hologram Kits in your local Barnes & Noble, and give away some free hologram film! Take a selfie at a Barnes & Noble with a Hologram Kit in the background, and tag us (@Litiholo) on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. We’ll pick the best picture to win a free 10-pack of film on Oct. 18!

You can also see the Hologram Kits online at the Barnes & Noble website, and use the “Check availability” link to see which stores near you have them in stock.

We can’t wait to see your pictures!

19 Sep

Holograms at Barnes and Noble


Big announcement! You will be able to buy a Litiholo Hologram Kit at your local Barnes & Noble stores! Many of you have been making holograms with us for years, and it has been your support and enthusiasm that has kept us going, and made this new adventure possible. Can you believe, anyone will be able to go into a local Barnes & Noble and get everything Read More

06 Oct

Verizon Smart Stores make holograms with PLTW

PLTW - Verizon Innovative Learning Labs comboWe are excited to see our Litiholo Hologram Kits being put to great work at a Verizon Smart Store near you!  Through the efforts of Project Lead the Way and Verizon Innovative Learning Labs, kids ages 10-14 will get some very unique hands-on experience learning about and making their own holograms.  Over 100+ Verizon Innovative Learning Labs sessions will be scheduled from Seattle to New York, with the first ones starting Oct. 14.  Check here for the current schedule and to see if there is a hologram-making session near you.

The sessions are entitled “Holography,” with the following description: Read More

25 May

Vintage Coin Holograms

Back in February we awarded some Litiholo “Instant Hologram” Film to our Creative Give-a-Way winners. Thought you’d like to see some of the “fruits of the free film”. Take a look at the video put together by our 1st Place Winner, making some excellent holograms of his grandfather’s vintage coin collection.  And a gracious winner too, adding his thanks to Litiholo for the film.  Nice work!

03 Mar

Hologram Barbie?


New York Toy Fair 2017 seemed promising. We thought we had finally found the perfect match for hologram Lego man – hologram Barbie! But, alas; hologram Barbie isn’t quite as holographic as we would hope. Read More

27 Jan

Hologram Film Creative Give-a-Way

filmWhen you think of holograms, what comes to mind? Really! We want to know!

We’re giving away FREE 20 packs of film in exchange for your ideas! We want to hear about what you would create with your Litiholo Hologram Kit if you had 20 plates of film just lying around. In need of a little bit of inspiration? Head on over to our Litiholo Gallery to see some videos of mixed media holograms and holograms of some other cool objects, like a lens.   Read More

22 Nov

Making Full-Color Holograms

Ever since we created the original Litiholo Hologram Kit, people have been asking us if it’s possible to make full-color holograms. The answer:  YES! We’ve been working diligently to create a kit that has all the necessary parts and pieces to give everyone the opportunity to make a full-color hologram.  Earlier this year, we officially introduced the Full-Color Hologram Kit at the 2016 Toy Fair in New York City, and now we’re looking forward to celebrating its very first Christmas!full-color-setup

Read More

11 Nov

How to Make a Hologram

Not a projection. Not an optical illusion. We’re making real holograms! Assuming you’ve already watched our How to Make a Hologram video, you’ve noticed how easy it can be to make a hologram using the Litiholo Hologram Kit and you’ve probably noticed a couple of the key features we pointed out. You know, those text banners that showed up at the bottom every once in a while? Those weren’t just cheesy or annoying text points. They provide very helpful hints when it comes to making holograms. Let’s walk through them together!


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