07 Oct

MIT Museum Holography Workshops

Do you know which museum has the world’s largest collection of holograms? It’s the MIT Museum. And, do you know which museum uses the Litiholo Hologram Kit to teach students about holograms? That’s right! It’s the MIT Museum. What smart people!

Last week, we had a great conversation with the MIT Museum’s Education Programs Coordinator, Faith Dukes, who leads about 20 groups of Jr. High and High School students every year in a holography workshop. While there, the students start their workshop with a mini physics lesson where they learn about light, light as a wave, what information light gives us, lasers, amplitude, optics, and about the process of creating holograms using beam splitters and mirrors. Then, Dukes shows the students the Litiholo kit all set up, explains the pieces, and tells the students about how the kit makes creating holograms so easy. Beam splitters, mirrors, chemicals, and a stability table are not needed with the laser mount, instant hologram film, and set-up provided in the Litiholo Hologram Kit.

While the students are sent out to explore the holography exhibition, Dukes exposes the film, creating the hologram. When the students return, it’s time for the big reveal! With the lights turned out, Dukes walks up to the Litiholo kit set-up, and removes the object. The students are amazed to see that it appears as if the object is still sitting there. They’re looking at a hologram! It allows them to have that “Ah ha!” moment they can’t get just by looking at holograms on display.

If you ever get the opportunity to explore the MIT Museum’s holography collection, or attend a workshop, we highly recommend it. But, if unfortunate circumstances hold you back, no need to mourn your lost opportunity. Fortunately, you can have access to part of an MIT rated holography workshop by purchasing your very own Litiholo Hologram Kit! We’re still looking into whether or not purchasing the kit boosts your chance of admittance into MIT, but we’re thinking – yes!

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