18 Oct

You Can Make a Real Hologram of Princess Leia


With the release of the most recent Rogue One trailer, we’ve been reminded of how Star Wars originally enthralled us with the idea of holograms; and, of course we can never forget the iconic scene of a holographic Princess Leia calling out to Obi Wan Kenobi for help. So, we decided to make our own Princess Leia hologram! And so can you!

Now, we know the term “hologram” has been misused ever since Princess Leia cried for help, but don’t worry, this is a real laser hologram created with our Litiholo Hologram Kit, not a pyramid reflection or “Pepper’s Ghost” trick. Go ahead and check out the video we made showing off our Princess Leia Hologram as proof.

Not only does the video show you the Princess Leia hologram we made, it also showcases a technique we like to call “mixed media”. This is where a hologram is created in such a way to make it look like it is interacting with real objects. Doing this takes a little more planning, because you have to make sure your hologram is made at the correct angle to interact with other objects, and you have to ensure that the real objects can be placed in an area that will not block the laser from illuminating the hologram. To do this, use the glass plate and white card provided in the kit to see where your objects are casting shadows. Then, adjust the objects as needed. In our video, we had a holographic Princess Leia interacting with a real R2D2, but the real fun comes in when we started seeing what other objects we could place in the scene with Princess Leia.

On a slightly technical note, we also set our film in the plate holder vertically, making a better fit for our Princess Leia figurine. Because of this, we had to turn the laser so the circuit board was running horizontally. This allows the beam to spread out from top to bottom, instead of from side to side.

So, now the great question has been answered: “Can you guys make a Princess Leia hologram?” Yes, we can! And now, it’s your turn! We’d love to see your Star Wars or other mixed media holograms you create, so don’t forget to use #litiholo when you post them on social media. May the force be with you.

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