31 Oct

Top Schools Make Holograms for Education and Fun

harvard-edited u-of-rochester-download

If you’re making holograms with the Litiholo Hologram Kits, we want you to know that you are in some elite company.  While we pride ourselves on the fact that our Hologram Kits are used by kids of all ages to make their very first holograms, they are also used by some of the most elite universities in the world to demonstrate and explore the physics behind holography that won a Nobel Prize.

Harvard University is one of those schools that uses our Hologram Kits and our “Instant Hologram” Film as a regular part of their physics labs under the direction of Prof. Markus Greiner.  Making holograms is an incredible tool for exploring the wave/particle duality of light (heady stuff, right?!), but it is also a technology that will lead to some incredible breakthroughs impacting our future.  The students at Harvard are getting the training to make that future, and they’re doing it with holograms and Litiholo!

Similarly, the University of Rochester, one of the premier optics schools in the world, put on a special demonstration for the 100th anniversary of the Optical Society of America.  They used the Litiholo “Instant Hologram” Film to make several hundred holograms for conference-goers right in their booth on the conference floor!  The Lab Director in charge of this great demonstration, Per Adamson, thanked Litiholo for helping their OSA student team pull off such a fun feat.

Whether you are making holograms for a science fair project in middle school or just hacking around with holograms for fun, the Litiholo Hologram Kit lets you rub shoulders with some of the top schools in the world.  Don’t let it go to your head!


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