27 Jan

Hologram Film Creative Give-a-Way

filmWhen you think of holograms, what comes to mind? Really! We want to know!

We’re giving away FREE 20 packs of film in exchange for your ideas! We want to hear about what you would create with your Litiholo Hologram Kit if you had 20 plates of film just lying around. In need of a little bit of inspiration? Head on over to our Litiholo Gallery to see some videos of mixed media holograms and holograms of some other cool objects, like a lens.  

So, here’s what you need to know to get the film:
-To enter, email us at getcreative@litiholo.com with a description of what you would create with 20 free plates of film.

-The top 3 most creative entries will win and each winning entrant will receive a FREE 20 pack of film.

-Entries must be submitted by February 3, 2017, 11:59 pm EST.

-That’s it!

The More Extensive Details:
-Although we love dreaming with you about walking and talking holograms, all entries must describe ideas that can be created using Litiholo kits and accessories.

-You can submit as many ideas as you’d like, but you can only win once.

-Winners will be congratulated in an email by February 10th and given further details of how they will receive their prize. Entrants who do not win, will not be notified.

-All entries will be considered by the Litiholo staff and put to a vote among staff members to determine the top 3 winners.

-By participating, you give Litiholo the permission and right to share your ideas with the rest of the hologram community in future social media posts, blog posts, and emails.

Can’t wait to hear your ideas! Good luck!

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