10 Feb

Winners: Hologram Film Creative Give-a-Way


The time has come! Our Hologram Film Creative Give-a-Way contest has come to a close. You’ve shared a number of your ideas with us, ranging from exotic insect collections, 3D printed objects, elaborate art displays, and everything in between.

We laughed. We cried. And, we voted.

So…without further ado…the winners…of the Hologram Film Creative Give-a-Way…are…


1st D.S.
Idea: Sharing Grandfather’s Coin Collection
D.S. wants to make holograms of his late grandfather’s rare, coin collection. Then, send the holograms to his two brothers, so they can “have” the collection as well.

2nd M.L.
Idea: Holograms and Hieroglyphics
M.L. was inspired by a hologram he saw of Mayan hieroglyphics depicting everyday tasks, such as food gathering and fishing. He would like to carve his own hieroglyphs into soft stone depicting modern daily tasks, like working on the computer, or walking with a phone in hand. Then, he will create some holograms of his modern hieroglyphs.

3rd H.K.
Idea: Scan, Print, Shoot
H.K. would like to 3D scan his son, 3D print him, and then holograph him. This way, he can have a 3D hologram of his son as a child.

Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas for our contest. We greatly appreciate your participation and we’re inspired by your creativity!

Be on the lookout for updates of how D.S., M.L, and H.K.’s projects are coming! Of course, if you’re pursuing your own Litiholo project we’d love to see it! Just post on social media using #litiholo.

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