Hologram Gallery

See videos of real holograms in action and gain inspiration for the holograms you could be making.

Big Hologram Video

If you thought making holograms with the original Litiholo Hologram Kit was fun, you’ll have a blast making even bigger holograms with the 4"x5" Hologram Upgrade Kit! We think it’s so fun, it needed its own video. So, here you go!

How to Make a Hologram

A new feature video showing off the Hologram Kit! It's like a hologram-making demo/tutorial/unboxing all at once. Enjoy!

You Can Make a Real Hologram of Princess Leia!

The Rogue One movie got us pumped up about all things Star Wars, so we recreated the classic Princess Leia hologram using our Hologram Kit. It's a real laser hologram and a good example of what we call a "mixed media" hologram, where the holographic image looks like it is really interacting with other real objects in the same space. This one was a lot of fun, and now when people ask us, "Can you guys make the Princess Leia hologram?", we can say "Yes!", and so can you!

Hologram of a Lens

Inspired by the well-known art hologram, "Digital," created by physicist Nick Phillips in 1978 and featured in the MIT Museum Holography Collection, we decided to create our own hologram with a magnifying glass. It's pretty cool! The hologram still records the magnifying properties of the lens and displays the tiny letters of the circuit board behind it.

How to Make Full-Color Holograms

Did you know you can make full-color holograms right at home? The Full-Color Hologram Kit is the latest addition to the Litiholo line of DIY hologram kits, complete with holographic quality red, green, and blue lasers, as well as full-color sensitive "Instant Hologram" film. You need this!

Drone Holograms

We got our hands on one of the world's smallest drones, so we brought in our Litiholo Kit, along with the Reflection Upgrade, and put 'em together.

Make Magazine Feature

Make Magazine (makezine.com) covers the Litiholo Hologram Kit in this great introductory video.

Scrabble Letters Hologram

A hologram of scrabble letters made with the Litiholo Hologram Kit. Some of the letters are real, and some are holographic.

Full-Color Hologram Demo

A full color hologram being made with the Litiholo Full Color Hologram Kit.

Simple Hologram Kit Demo

A demonstration of a small car hologram being made with the Litiholo Hologram Kit.

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