Litiholo Hologram Kit

Hologram tools for building young brains

Making holograms is a "Wow!" moment that opens the door to discovery, inspiration and invention! Like having their own Desktop Hologram Lab, the Hologram Kit lets young minds become part of creating technology, not just consuming it.

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Everything you need to make your own holograms.

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Your Hologram Kit has everything needed to make real, 3D laser holograms. Choose your kit size and start making holograms now.
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Hologram-making with the Hologram Kit

It's like having your own hologram lab right on your desktop. Unbox, set it up, and with Instant Hologram film see the finished holograms right away.

All Inclusive

Everything you need to make real, 3D laser holograms.

  • Hologram laser system
  • Instant Hologram film plates
  • Easy to assembe pieces
  • LED darkroom light
  • Test object


Easy to follow instructions guide you through the hologram-making process, with supplemental sections including basic concepts behind the science of making holograms and a brief history of holography.

Instant Film

Unique to Litiholo, the Instant Hologram Film plates create bright, clear holograms that are ready to view immediately - no chemicals, no processing needed.

Real Holograms

These are real holograms, based on the physics that won a Nobel Prize, not some gimmick or reflection. Each plate captures one permanent hologram image.

Make Holograms Like These:

What people are saying:

"My son received his holographic kit from your company yesterday. It was his 14th birthday present. This evening he set up a bathroom as a makeshift darkroom and produced two wonderful, crystal-clear holograms on his first two attempts, just by following the kit's instructions. I compliment Litiholo for assembling a truly remarkable, easy-to-use kit..."
- MC in California

"My daughter loved your equipment for her science fair project..."
- DW in Maryland

"The kit continues to delight my students. Every single hologram is beautiful every single time"
- SK in Chicago

"I am delighted to say that I received my kit and have now been able to do something I've been dreaming of...and made my first hologram. Well, two in fact, and they're staggeringly successful. What a brilliant kit - thank you so very much." - CH
- CH in New York

"I just wanted to let you know that we used your Litiholo hologram kit at our school for a physics lab demo and it worked GREAT. The students were absolutely amazed by the holograms they produced and the process could not have been easier."
- PC in California

What's Included

Hologram Laser System

  • Hologram-quality laser diode
  • Battery pack (2 AA batteries not included)
  • Connectors
  • Special Clip for heat stability

Hologram Film

  • 2"x3" film plates (20 plates or 10 plates depending on kit purchased. One plate per hologram.)

Laser Cut Assembly

  • Holographic Plate Holder
  • Laser Diode Mount and Battery Holder
  • Alignment Spacers

LED Darkroom Light

  • For seeing in the dark without exposing the film

Hologram Object

  • Test object


  • Black shutter card
  • White alignment card
  • Uncoated alignment plate

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Basic Concepts Guide
  • Kit Contents and Important Tips
  • Hologram Kit Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • Troubleshooting Guide
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