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Full Color Hologram Kit Upgrade  
Full Color Hologram Kit

Never done before - the Litiholo Full Color Hologram Kit Upgrade is the first and only of its kind!

You've been asking and waiting, and now we are delivering! The Litiholo Full Color Hologram Kit Upgrade will allow you to create incredible holograms in full color right in your own home or classroom!

The Need for Color

You've been making holograms with our Litiholo Hologram Kit for the past several years and asking when you could create them in full color. The answer is finally here - the Litiholo Full Color Hologram Kit Upgrade features the same ease of use and awesome outcome as our original kit. Start making full color holograms today - we know you've been waiting!

*This upgrade relies on parts from a standard Hologram Kit. Make sure that you already have a Hologram Kit or order one with your upgrade, or else you won't be able to make full-color holograms.

Kickstarter Testimonials: (GeekDad)
: "...this is too cool to pass over: do-it-yourself full-color holograms!"

Stuff magazine:  "Our geek senses are tingling, and our wallets are begging to be opened." "If you want to make some cool holograms yourself, this is the cheapest way to do it so grab a kit, or two, before they run out."

the-Gadgeteer: "...time to act if you’d like to make holograms in your own home..."

3D Focus: "You could soon be making your own affordable full colour 3D holograms at home..."


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Ten years ago we created the Litiholo Hologram Kit, which lets you make some really cool single-color (red) holograms right at home or in a classroom in less than an hour.  Since then, the Hologram Kit has been a hit as a product on websites like and as a very unique gift for kids and gadget-guys, and is being used in educational setting from science-fair projects to universities including Harvard.  The special hologram film that is used in the Hologram Kit is an "instant" film that doesn't require any chemicals or processing, allowing you to see your 3D hologram immediately, and the film has been getting some great reviews from the leading amateur holography site  But we continually hear one comment that keeps coming back from users of the Hologram Kit - "I love making these holograms!  How can I make full-color holograms next?"

Kickstarter Project Successfully Begins Progress towards Full-Color Holograms For All.

You may have seen our Kickstarter project that started Litiholo toward a successful Full Color Hologram Kit. After successful funding of the Kickstarter, it took a full year to ship all of the initial Full Color Kits to our Backers. The Litiholo "Instant Hologram" Film continues to create great holograms in color, still without any chemicals or processing. The most difficult portion has been finding hologram-quality, affordable green and blue laser diodes. It has taken us a full year after completing our Kickstarter to secure a reliable source for these. This has never been done before -- it was hard but we did it!

Affordable Full-Color Hologram Kit with Hologram-Tested Lasers and "Instant" Hologram Film

We have quality-tested the final laser choices together with our unique "instant" full-color hologram film and a unique design for combining all the colors into a single beam. The final Full-Color Hologram Upgrade Kit comes with hologram-tested lasers in green, and blue, 20 plates of our "instant" full-color hologram film for making up to 20 different holograms, and everything else you need to be making full-color holograms with your original Hologram Kit.

Full-Color Hologram Upgrade Kit Includes:

Hologram-Quality green laser diode
Hologram-Quality blue laser diode
Holographic Color-Combiner optic
Color-Combiner mount
Battery packs (2 AA and 2 C batteries not included)
Additional connectors
Additional special clip
"Instant Hologram" full-color film
• 2" x 3" film plates (20)
Additional laser mounts for green and blue diodes
Height-adjustment platforms
Laser Tower
Alignment spacers
Step-by-step instructions for making full-color holograms


Hologram Kit

4x5 Hologram Kit Upgrade

Instant Hologram Film

Watch the Kickstarter Video:   Thank You!



Thank you to all of our Kickstarter Backers & Supporters!

We are so excited to be able to bring you the ability to create full color holograms, and are grateful to everyone who has supported us along the way. Special thanks to:

Darrin O'Neill
Jan Kucera
Jeff Breidenbach
John Nees
Chuck Bouk
Paul Wilson
Karen Drake
Kevin Forkey
James Kimmel
Jacob Potter
Gegory Wild-Smith
Henner Zeller
Chris Wundram
J Abrams
Randy Young
Imad Memom
Rob Stewart
Robert Millman
Michael Richards
Mark Rogerson
Jeffrey Murray
Arturo Perez Mulas
Stephen Grau
Milan Letica
Taylor Poole
Rebecca Kale
Nigel Baker
Joe Haurani
Peter E Klages
David H. Schiro
Steve Keller
Paul Dexter
Naoki Fukuhara
Jas Strong
Diana Newcomb
Miguel Oliveira
Stefan Haeger
Greg Garriss
Paul Bettner
Marley Kunzler
Miki Habryn
Stephen Hartley
Jonathan Ross
Jeffrey Robb
Mahmoud Alhashim
Richard Born
Tim York
Barry holat
David Jonse
Floris van der Zwan
Rob Brown
Peter Harle
Phil Bergeron
Randall Bollig
Bill Coderre
Timothy Ryan
Gregory Papcun
Holger Jaenisch
Richard Burton
Terence Tam
Julien Goodwin
Wilhelm Grimm
Karri Palovuri
David Spencer
Christopher Galbreath
Boris Bokowski
Greg Sutherland
Sean O'Neill
Ido Barzilay
Gary W Johnson
Jon Nisper
LeRoy Wood III
Tim Sharples
Jimmy Pantelleria
Paul Luchini
Paul Townley-Smith
Suzanne Hughes
Ken Nickerson
Willard Korfhage
Richard DahlstrandJohn Sweeney
Chris Herr
AuthentiBrand Inc.
Kiran Reddy
Stan Yamane
Justin M. Hirsch
Andrew Lesniak
John Skarha
Andrew Smith-Thomas
Zachary Heath
Steven Ouellette
Juan Carlos Intriago
Sergey Kovalyov
Monty Brandenbery
Nathan Loofbourrow
Stephen W. Michael
Michael Bennett
Steve Cole
Kevin Criqui
David Schiffrin
Sam KoppelmanPatrick Salisbury
Fred Benenson
Ronnie Kingsley
Janeth Ignacio Marc
Dave Hinman
Caroline Beal
Anna Michelle Wang
Eric Eckstein
Oguz Yetkin
Joseph Robery Dunfe
Nemanja Spasojevic
Glen Sawyer
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Paolo Capobussi
Scott Inwood
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Michael Koch
SC Norman
Matthew Shaprio
Jim McKeeth
Stephen Cole
Gregory P. Smith
Carleton Torpin
Harvey Lindenbaum
Michele (Mike) Hjorlei
Matt Urich
Randall Hinton
Bill Wagner
Mike Molitch-Hou
Peter Hanink
Brett Camper
Arnold A Sitorus
Matt Richardson
John Singer






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