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Reflection Hologram Kit Upgrade  

Reflection holograms are a type of hologram that can be viewed under plain white light without a laser. The Litiholo Reflection Hologram Upgrade allows you to create awesome holograms that you can share with anyone, anywhere!


Reflection Hologram Upgrade

Reflection Hologram Kit Upgrade

Allows for easy creation of reflection holograms with your Hologram Kit. Upgrade package includes Laser Tower and Spacer, designed to properly position laser and other Hologram Kit optics for making reflection holograms. Also includes Step-by-Step Instructions for making your reflection holograms.

An additional 10-Pack of C-RT20 "Instant Hologram" Film is included at no extra charge - a $40 value.


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The Litiholo Hologram Kit primarily focuses on making what are called Transmission holograms, which are best viewed using the laser light that created the holograms. These holograms are extremely crisp and realistic, and are easier to make, ensuring your success and enjoyment in making your first holograms. Frankly, for your first holograms, transmission holograms are the best way to start your holographic education.

As you get more comfortable making holograms, you will naturally want to expand your capabilities. Reflection holograms are a great next step. While very similar to transmission holograms, reflection holograms have the added advantage of being viewable in white light. The best viewing sources are small spot lights or sunlight, often with a black background behind the hologram. This is often a good option for that ultimate "show off" potential, where you want to be able to make holograms that won't need the laser light for viewing, and that are easier to show off to friends and family.


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